Therma-Tru Doors

Economical, safe, and durable options for your entryway.

Nothing beats fiberglass doors for value and performance.

Beautifully crafted, energy efficient, secure, and easy to maintain, Therma-Tru fiberglass entry doors are a durable alternative to wood or steel. Therma-Tru’s AccuGrain™ Technology has given their Classic-Craft® line of entry doors an authentic wood grain look. The Canvas Collection™ is their first premium, smooth paintable door.

Therma-Tru’s Profiles™ and Traditions steel door lines offer economical, safe, and durable options for your entryway.

Get back to basics with Traditions steel entry doors. They combine attractive designs and value-based options to create a great, cost-conscious alternative for your front entry door or house-to-garage entrance. Profiles™ steel doors are both stylish and affordable. They offer options to suit many home styles at an affordable price. From front entry to house-to-garage, the high-definition detail on these doors can’t be missed.